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Emma rabattcode

emma rabattcode

Burnett, Voxeo (formerly of Vocalocity and Nuance).
There must be at most one emma:node specification for a given numbered node in the lattice.
Application gestures are typically animations and/or sound effects.
An example of the use of an emma document to represent a recording, with emma:signal-size indicating the size is as follows: emma:emma version"1.0" xmlns"m/example" emma:interpretation id"intp1" emma:medium"acoustic" emma:mode"voice" emma:function"recording" emma:uninterpreted"true" emma:signal"g" emma:signal-size"82102" emma:duration"10000" /emma:interpretation /emma:emma.2.7 Media type: emma:media-type attribute Annotation emma:media-type Definition An attribute.It can specify the endpoint properties based on a set of common endpoint property attributes in emma, such as emma:endpoint-address, emma:port-num, emma:port-type, etc.Specifying the data model is optional, in which case the data model can be said to be implicit.Xml" emma:confidence"0.6" emma:medium"acoustic" emma:mode"voice" emma:function"dialog" emma:verbal"true" emma:lang"en-US" emma:tokens"destination" /emma:interpretation emma:interpretation id"ink1" emma:start" " emma:end" " emma:source"m/pen/wacom123" emma:signal"kml" emma:confidence"0.5" emma:medium"tactile" emma:mode"ink" emma:function"dialog" emma:verbal"false" /emma:interpretation /emma:derivation emma:interpretation id"multimodal1" emma:confidence"0.3" emma:start" " emma:end" " emma:medium"acoustic tactile" emma:mode"voice ink" emma:function"dialog" emma:verbal"true" emma:lang"en-US" emma:tokens"destination" emma:derived-from resource voice1" composite"true" emma:derived-from resource.Certain emma processing components produce semantic results in the form of string literals without any surrounding application namespace markup.Changes since last draft This section is Informative.Interaction manager A processor that determines how an application interacts with a user.Om du finner noe du vil ha her er det lurt å være rask.I siste sjanse salget er det klær og tilbehør med opptil 50 rabatt.emma:emma version"1.0" xmlns"m/example" emma:interpretation id"meaning1" emma:confidence"0.6" emma:medium"acoustic" emma:mode"voice" destination emma:confidence"0.8" Boston /destination origin emma:confidence"0.6" Austin /origin /emma:interpretation /emma:emma Although in general instance data can be represented in XML using a combination of elements and attributes in the application namespace, emma does not provide a standard.
Applies to The emma:group-info element is legal only as a child of emma:group.
Given that utterances may be ambiguous with respect to input values, an emma document may hold more than one instance.( Section.2.14 ).Conventions of this Document All sections in this specification are normative, unless otherwise indicated.Verpassen Sie ab sofort keine kreative kleine geschenke Möglichkeit mehr, bei Ihren Einkäufen, Buchungen und Bestellungen im Internet bares Geld zu sparen.The following example shows three interpretations derived from the speech input "Move this ambulance here" and the tactile input related to two consecutive points on a map.Note that emma:confidence represents not only the confidence of the speech recognizer, but rather the confidence of the whatever processor was responsible for creating the emma result, based on whatever evidence it has.Note that the ecmascript Date object's getTime function is a convenient way to determine the absolute time.Maes and Stephen Potter, editors.Flights to austin from portland tomorrow.Command: action: "zoom" location: _attributes: hook: _nsprefix: "emma" _value: "ink" type: "area" SI processing in an XML environment would generate the following document: command location emma:hook"ink" type area /type /location /command This XML fragment might then appear within an emma document as follows: emma:emma version"1.0".

One way to achieve both the compatibility checking and fusion of content from the two modes is to use a well-defined general purpose matching mechanism such as unification.